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New Things Learned in 2020 in NH Government Affairs Work

by Jim Monahan, President - The Dupont Group

1. Knowing the difference between an Executive Order and an Emergency Order is an important skill

2. PPE Stands for Personal Protection Equipment; PPP stands for Paycheck Protection Program

3. The CARES Act and COVID 3.5 injected nearly $6 Billion in the NH Economy

4. GOFERR matters, but $1.25 Billion is not as much as you think

5. Zoom Bombing is so 4/20

6. It was surprising how starved for information many public officials were during the depths of the pandemic and there was a lot less state government internal Communications than would have been expected

7. The Liberty seating the Whitmore Center for State Reps not wearing masks included exactly who you thought it would

8. “You’re on Mute” should become a drinking game

9. NH has a lot of Essential Businesses

10. A lot of bills in the Legislative pipeline timed out and died and that means we will see a bigger list of Legislation coming in 2021

11. Remote Public Hearings are going to become a thing in future legislatures

12. More Government Affairs work will be done outside the State House in the future

13. Telehealth vs. Traditional Doctors’ Visits = Netflix vs. Blockbuster

14. You can’t have an effective inside game, without an effective outside Communications game.

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