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we like to geek out on your metrics

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube have given us the great gift of affordable advertising in the easiest way possible. Often times, we talk with new clients who have been investing money in online ads, but have no idea how the ads are doing because the back end metrics can be like translating latin. It's why hiring an agency to look at the metrics and make decisions based on those stats, is really the best investment.

There are so many terms associated with your ad. Impressions, engagements, bounce rate, click through rate...entire conferences and seminars devote their time to teaching people how to base business decisions on these categories. Why? Because it's crucial!

There are ways to know at exactly what point someone leaves your page, the way they navigated your site, what state they logged on from and most importantly, if your effort and investment actually converted to a sale ( yay!)

We know how to do all of this, and we love it. Sometimes I ( Kate) spend hours looking at data and learning more about who the customer is, what's happening on the website and how do we move forward and where we need to make changes.

We also create the ads. This is also crucial. Social media platforms will bury ads if they look a certain way, have too much text or won't appeal to the audience. I know, it sucks. But knowledge is power, right?

If you know what they want, they will come. If you don't, it's shooting arrows in the dark. Maybe it's not us, but find someone to help you understand all the gibberish and turn it into useful information that will help your brand grow.

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